Coaching services

The collective energy created in a room of people sharing knowledge, exploring concepts and exchanging ideas is a fantastic thing to witness. This is the inspiration behind The Energy of Conversation, established by David Finney in the summer of 2008.

The Energy of Conversation is an enterprise dedicated to learning & improvement and provide coaching, training, auditing and consultancy services to businesses and educational establishments as well as personal coaching to private clients. Through the energy of conversation people are inspired and when they are inspired, they become creative and when people get creative they feel empowered and motivated. Everything starts with a conversation and so the quality of that conversation determines everything.

I was originally a musician and guitar tutor at an adult education institute, before embarking on a 20-year career in market research where I gained a reputation for leadership and staff development. Having worked for both large global players and medium-sized firms, I am an experienced professional with a broad business understanding. I am also an accredited trainer with two lead auditor certificates, two coaching diplomas and I am a member of The Chartered Quality Institute, The Market Research Society, The Performing Rights Society and The Association for Coaching.

Mission Statement
To create, communicate and to help make improvements to organisations and worthwhile causes.
I am particularly concerned with the welfare of children and animals and regularly donate to charities of this nature. I became a vegetarian in 2005 and a Vegan in 2016. I give voluntary talks at schools and colleges on farming practices (on behalf of Compassion in World Farming) and I am also South East Representaive for GAP (Greens for Animal Protection) regularly taking part in animal protection activities. David Finney, The Energy of Conversation, 2016

The Energy of Conversation Ltd is registered under the Data Protection Act no. Z1597105